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Meet the 7th graders of Council Grove, Kansas our Classroom of the Month.

It's official: taking my shingle down.

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In the infamous words of Charles M. Schult's Lucy, \"the doctor is out.\" Friends, acquaintances, co-workers, heal thyself. I will no long endure your self righteous, self induced and self inflicted, sad, sorry tales of woe. I will not sit empathetically by while you have a temper tantrum about the things you would rather moan about than change. I will not \"hold\" your hand and your all-too-soon forgotten rage any longer. Your self important diatribes leave me drained and you refreshed, even inspired by your own ability to endure the indignities and injustices of your wildly privileged lives. Our lives are not hard by any genuine standard. I will not sit idly by and in so doing, bear false witness to your petty grievances. And by the way, I too 'have naturally curly hair.\"

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