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Shooting War (Graphic Novel)

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The full-length graphic novel that tells the story of Jimmy Burns, an American blogger reporting on the war in Iraq in 2011. First published as a 15-part webcomic on SMITH, Shooting Warhas been called “stunningly rendered” by Newsweek. The Huffington Post says it’s “the book that will make you look smart if you put it on your coffee table.” Stone declares it “stunning.”

The global war on terror is raging out of control. The president is popping Prozac. And the #1 selling videogame in 2011 America is the terrorist-simulator Infidel Massacre: Los Angeles. On the streets of gentrified Brooklyn, videoblogger Jimmy Burns’ latest anti-corporate rant is cut short by a terrorist bombing of a Starbucks…but his live feed isn’t. When his dramatic footage is uploaded by Global News (“Your home for 24-hour terror coverage”) and rebroadcast across the planet, the obscure blogger is transformed into an overnight media sensation.

The next thing he knows he’s on a Black Hawk helicopter inbound for Baghdad, working for the same mainstream media monster he once loathed. Burns soon finds that everyone from his ratings-ravenous network overlords to Special Ops troops with messianic complexes to a charismatic band of tech-savvy jihadists all want to make him their pawn.


Shooting War (Graphic Novel)

192 pages

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing; Reprint edition (September 9, 2008)


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