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Running late. Overpriced package. Lost phone.

BY jl333 on March 20, 2013
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That's my story and I'm sticking to it! This morning, I had a ton of stuff to get done at my own house before going to work. Then of course, I was memoiring, and that made me late. From my house, I went to the post office to have a package mailed to Australia. The package had Goldfish crackers and tootsie rolls, both of which the kids can't get in Australia. The package is only 11 inches. I was told that it would cost $180 to mail the goldfish and candy. I told the clerk there must be a mistake. He said no...the other price was $200 even. Holy crap. No goldfish is worth $180-200 bucks! Fast forward to the middle of the day. I was walking my bosses dogs. Somewhere along the walk, I must have lost my phone...but didn't realize it until I got to my next job. I had to race back, and back track every step I took while walking the dogs. I found my phone in the bushes...which is why I never heard it fall to the ground! Whew, what a day! And I still have 7 more hours!

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