SixContest Winners! Our top 6 “firsts” in six words

Heat Tag

August rolls along, the summer heat intensifies, and the debates surrounding the upcoming election heat up. SMITH writers use heat to describe body heat, the outdoor climate, and ways to cook without too much effort. Heat is a powerful force, evoking memories and setting things “on fire.” Yet the Heat (both the weather and the sports team) is beatable. Those who like the warmth revel in the summer weather or pray for heat to melt fat. Heat is a force that trades hands and is constantly moving, often followed by heartbreak. First comes heat, then hurt, or something worthy of complaining about once the heat disappears. Here are a few ways at looking at Heat in six words. Click on each author's name for more of his or her memoirs. And you can search the Six-Word Memoir site for any word and see what pops up. Goodbye July, hello August, heat, heartbreak. —roaringsilence Save energy: Create your own heat. —notyouraveragegrandma Her hug; close, heat, shampoo aroma. —Rivernest