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SixContest — extended to 12/24/19: Where are you from—literally or figuratively? Say it in Six.

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[caption id="attachment_21061" align="aligncenter" width="479"] Above: Christina Mayes' Peer Mentors help facilitate her college seminar, "Mastering College." This was taken after discussing how the class went with their first-year students. Students presented their Six-Word Memoirs as well as their personal backstories. [/caption]

Christina Mayes, a professor of a first-year "Mastering College" seminar class at the Dominican University of California, has been supporting students’ healthy transition into college life through Six-Word Memoirs for the last eight years.

Guest post by By Elizabeth Shara The Six-Word Memoir process came into my life at the perfect time. I had spent months trying to express the grief and pain that was tearing my heart apart. Writing had always been my go-to for personal growth and clarity but at this point in my life, filling pages with words did nothing for me. The tear-soaked paper only reminded me how fragile my world had become.