SixContest Winners! Our top 6 “firsts” in six words

Top Six “Past and Future: ‘Firsts’ in Six”

We are constantly adding a range of experiences to our lists of “firsts.” Whether it’s your first time driving, your first time moving to a new city, or your first child, Six-Word Memoir writers had plenty to share in SixContest #156, which asked about past and future “firsts.”

Our romantic writers wrote about their first experiences with love (“First love was my best friend.” – Gridly25 and “Incomplete chapter, love’s bond never fades.” –AlexLovern). Our humorists explored their comedic side (“Mistakes don’t count when it’s summer.” – bsellers and “First time driving… hit three curbs.” – swimmingdog). Many six word scribes shared important realizations that they had for the first time (“It’s your future, your happiness matters.” – Kmarie. and “The future changes, not the past.” – thegreatbigelephant). Some considered “firsts,” they shared hopes of initial offerings still to come (“Dreams of traveling across the globe.” – 5stanislawski and “It’s your future, your happiness matters” – Kmarie.). And Sixer AROD offers one “first” everyone in this community surely knows:First six-word published. I was ecstatic.”

Here are our Top Six picks!

6. “To chase dreams with hands outstretched.” —soour

5. “Bright red present. little barks inside.” —jennifer.rdz

4. “Curiosity Led, knowledge followed. Wisdom remains.” —TeenaRupani

3. “First kiss in ’65 Chevy Impala.” —AROD

2. “Tree carved initials. Promises on oak.” —LisaM.

And the winner is…

1. “First steps to my real self.” —Iulia R.

Congratulations to Iulia for their inspiring “first” which is also their first Six-Word Memoir!

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