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Jesus Tag

96042100_1b96711d1d_m.jpgI'm a devoutly lapsed Jew. But that doesn't mean I'm completely without religion. Once a year, I put on a green sweater and go to Easter services with my wife. Even though Jesus isn't my main man, I do find the music and spirit of the place, well, uplifting. "Darling," my wife asked a few weeks ago as we walked through the almost-blooming garden of St. Luke's in Manhattan's West Village, "what do you think about during the service?" I answered truthfully: nothing, I just kind chill, space out, try to keep up. And then I fessed up that I was wondering how to get the six-word memoir book into church book groups everywhere. While only a handful of the six-word life stories are specifically about religion ("Not a good Christian, but trying," "Atheist plus Methodist make Jewish children"), the pious and the punks have told us alike that the book has been an inspiration. And one minister has already challenged the readers of his "faith" column to wonder, "What would Jesus' six-word memoir be?" Personally, I've greeted the six-worders that have touched on religion with much less cynicism that I would have before the six-word memoir project began. Now, I gladly embrace each new six-word memoir on faith. How can you not be moved by this short, short life story that popped up on SMITH one morning: "God, how long was I sleeping?" As if my Easter prayers were answered, a week after going to church, I received this note from the Rev. D. Geoffrey Taylor.