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May 2011

Our 'Six-Word MOMoirs" collaboration with The New York Times Well blog was off the hook—more than 7,000 Times readers shared their thoughts on Mom, being a mom, or that weird and wild ride called parenthood. We're sending Six-Word Memoir books to the winners, which the NYT's Tara Parker-Pope announces on the Well blog. Tara sent over some wonderful lists of her favorites, a few of which I've listed below. They're intense, brilliant, a blast. We'll also be reading the winners at our Six-Word Story Show this week on May 18 in New York City's 92YTribeca, 200 Hudson St. The show is called "I Am Turning Into My Mother," our theme is parenthood and one's own parents, and we an inspired line-up of storytellers. With our mix of pros like The New Yorker's Susan Orlean, Laura Zigman, Gesine Bullock-Prado, and Joe Lockhart, as well as some folks who will be appearing on stage for the first time, you'll know this is a SMITH Magazine show. And when you hear each one of these individuals offer a short backstory based on a Six-Word Memoir, you're be reminded just what it is you love about the simple art of storytelling. You can still get advance tickets here. Most popular Momoirs from NYT readers: She gave me roots, then wings. - Meghan, New York City Life’s great rock, love’s everflowing font – Judie, Sydney, Australia Seven children. Each an only child – Barb, Westport, Ct. Kids need moms. Moms need wine – Janine, Toronto “Mom, I am gay.” Nothing changed. - Anthony, Washington, DC Thanks for saving my birth certificate – Barack, Washingtin, DC Several readers noted that moms often speak to us in just six words: You are going out in that? Let’s play the quiet game now.