New SixContest: We’re swimming in Sixes! Use “swim” in a Six-Word Memoir

July 2013

[caption id="attachment_4905" align="aligncenter" width="428" caption="image courtesy of"]image courtesy of[/caption] Lurking behind the often simple questions of who, what, and where, comes the more complex why. “Why?” is the one word underlying everything we do. Sometimes we ask ourselves why, at other times we figure, why not? At times all we want to know is why, but soon even this question becomes irrelevant. Then it’s time to move on from the questioning, because the “why?” is often unanswerable. Ultimately, we’ll never really know why people do what they do, why we’re here, or why the world is the way it is. Some why’s from the Six-Word community pose difficult, introspective questions, some are rhetorical, some questions are asked with the hope that their readers might have an answer. So explore the memoirs below: ponder on some, click on others to comment and provide an answer, or a question, in return. Whether the why is a question or the beginning of an answer, the word asks us to interact with each other. Often lament WHY? Rarely care who. favepeep Knowing what, learning how, remembering why. ba_miracle Perplexed. Corner of how and why. canadafreeze Sometimes, you need a reason why. ashashahn Sometimes it actually doesn't matter why. unknown116 Don't tell me why, show me. CreativeMagus And then I thought why not? HopeConquersAll

Last month, The New York Times released this article exploring the ramifications on the mind and body caused by a lack of sleep. Lately, there just seems to be too much to accomplish when the sun is up that our designated sleeping hours are getting cut drastically short. Some six-word scribes believe that believe that letting out six expressive words on sleep can help counter the insomnia, the nightmares and whatever else we find getting in the way of a good night's rest .

Counting sheep? Writing myself to sleep. - lillybrook

Sleep, please make me your mistress. - Jnag76

My love sleeps alone. I type. - RichardFrancis

Sleep eludes me, let's get breakfast. - MikeCherrone

Making husband sleep on metaphorical couch. - ErikaStellar

Sleeping trumps partying at my age. - ChewyD2

Trying to sleep; sandman skipped me. - TheAngstyPoet

Sleep deprivation-once again my muse. - BalancingAct

Thunderstorms help me to sleep better. - PrincessLief

Too much life goes by asleep. - Wench

Sleep doesn't hurt, but nightmares do.

- memo

Talks in sleep. Secrets of subconscious. - izzyhindle

Getting old, fell asleep while dreaming. - RaisedByWolves

[caption id="attachment_4881" align="alignright" width="300" caption="moving boxes by movingcompanies on Flickr"]moving boxes by movingcompanies on Flickr[/caption] Chances are you or someone you know is moving this summer. Most moves involve a change in geography, although some moves occur without any change of address. Sometimes it’s a change in work, school, or relationship status; sometimes it’s all of the above. Whether you are packing up by choice or circumstance, and moving on literally or figuratively, transition and reflection go hand-in-hand. The team at Six Words wishes you well if you are knee-deep in boxes this summer or starting a new chapter. Our advice on moving: “Hydrate, take breaks, write a six.” Six-Word Memoirs offer a great way to recharge your batteries when you are long on thoughts, but short on time.

Last minute sixing before moving out. — sag-for-Prime-Minister

Gathering my courage. Packing my bags. — SingerSomewhere

Moving date set. It's really happening... PrincessLief

Hope next relocation is publishing house. Contemplative

Will love having moved; hate moving. BGourley

Planning relocation to state of Nirvana. notyouraveragegirl

California awaits! Let the packing begin. MLEwritergirl

[caption id="attachment_4856" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="from LenEdgerly on flickr"][/caption]

For many of us, summer evokes kicking back and reading on the beach with a Kindle in one hand and a cold drink in the other. But are we really "reading?" Reading has always been connected to books.

Yet haven’t we always read road signs and menus, labels and ads? Words are everywhere. And we’ve always read between the lines, read other people’s minds, and read signals until we read too much into things. Reading has always been beyond the page. It’s not about pronouncing words, but about understanding the world. It turns out, reading hasn’t changed much, but maybe where and when we do it has. And today, we still read to write, or in some cases type. So read the following Six-Word Memoirs about reading in all forms and functions. Then, write your own for someone else to read.

Reading binge gave me reading hangover. tiggerpuss Felt old, reading paperback on train. MotorCityMich Reading pre-email letters. Incredibly nostalgic. Surreal. Amapola Two kids gone. Three hours reading. MO_Thoughts2 They're reading fanfiction. Together. How intimate. Brilliant


Having secrets is a part of being human. By keeping parts of our lives private, we give ourselves the chance to form an identity apart from the public sphere and, in turn, an independent sense of self. In sharing our secrets with others, we choose to share our most private selves; the telling and keeping of secrets a very intimate matter in any relationship.

In a world where social media is reinventing the style and speed with which secrets are spilled, and America' most famous fugitive, Edward Snowden, is on the run for the secrets he shared, we thought it was time to gather a few of your most poignant Six-Word Memoirs on secrets.

Sometimes I keep secrets from myself.

- jl333

My novel is filled with secrets.

- ReannaKeller

Understanding patterns is secret to Life.

- ciofki

Soul of discretion. Keeper of secrets.

- ctgoods2

My inner NSA crushed my secrets.

- wescoll

My best secrets are Facebook statuses.

- JohnBigJohn

Secrets granted to those worth keeping.

- unknown116

Congratulations United States of America and Happy Birthday to you! America might be a baby compared to the rest of the world's countries, but look how far we've come since the first and original Independence Day. Here we proudly share some of your Six-Word Memoirs to get you in the mood from people who are enamored with, confused by, or furious at our land of the free. Happy Fourth of July, Sixers!

Honor the flag. It represents much. -rosemary_emrich

Overseas, I became a better American.


Republican. Democrat. How about just: American. -LiveYourDreams

America and Chevy: peanut-butter and jelly. -Isaac22

Dear Uncle Sam, HELP! Yours, America. -SouthernQuill

Put out my American flag today. -Mourningdove

"...what you can do for your country...." -kisskissgirl

America: imperfect, but still the best. -notjustagirlintheworld

Feeling unpatriotic? Travel overseas. Act American. -L2L3

The American Dream died with Gatsby. -curlyfrye42

Live for Moments, die for freedom. -EthanTremblay

Teetering on the path of freedom. -TheAngstyPoet

Life and freedom taken for granted. -Heem08

Country music makes me feel patriotic. -ChristieMeB

Declaration signers get half off fireworks. -catsmeow

7/4: And boom go the fireworks. -david-sensei

Declaration of Independence: great break-up letter. -MMK

Independence. It's not just a word. -myrtlebrwn

My country was often on life support. -trust2020

Independence Day! Not just a movie. -favepeep