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Author: Liz Crowder

Summer is a fleeting, mixed bag of sun-drenched fun and emotionally fraught experiences (read: family vacations). Whether you’ve decided to spend Summer 2013 gorging on over-processed delicacies at a state fair, sweating and sun-bathing on the sandy shores of a beach or watching your kids chase each other around the sprinkler to the noxious yet comforting scent of sun-screen and bug spray, it’s clear as summer begins to wind down that Six-Word Memoirs aren’t solely for the school year. Among the six word sun-themed submissions that poured in during the summer months are memoirs that seared, sizzled and shined. Read on to see our favorite--often humorous--soliloquies of a summer very nearly gone by and find out how your fellow memoirists beat the heat (or not) this year. Click the link next to an author’s name to see more of his or her memoirs and feel free to share what your summer in six words looked like! I'm hot, but only meteorologically speaking. -NumbrOneAunt Some (do not) like it hot. -notjustagirlintheworld Banging radiator, summer's on vacation again. -RaisedByWolves Overly prepared cheapskate: Summer. Purchases parka. -Contemplative Beach Bummers: red flags, jellyfish, lightening. -whelp Too well insulated for this heat. -Undermom

The best thing about a smart and playful community of storytellers? You never know where they're going to take things next. One of the most enthusiastic trends in six-word wordplay of late involves adding four more words to these two: "More... than..." Some of the memoirs in the "More..." challenge are self-deprecating (“More pussy whipped than doggie style.” from the incomparable Loon). Others are self-aware (“More time with mouse than spouse.” via mojito59). Most are a satisfyingly playful dose of self-expression. You can read some of our favorites from the "More..." wordplay below. Be sure to click on an author’s name to see more of his or her Six-Word Memoirs. More Addams family than Brady bunch. - KharisJo More mom jeans than skinny jeans. - Bevvie More wingman, than center of attention. - ton More defender than leader of pack. - Ctgoods2 More good witch than bad witch. - notyouraveragegrandma More dirt-road smart than street smart. - Believe More like fish heads than caviar. - wackjob More slow boil than hot flash. - Level1 More Charles in Charge than Chachi. - three-monkeys