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Top “I Can’t Believe I Did That” in Six Words

For SixContest #135, we asked you what embarrassing moment has you lying awake years later thinking to yourself: “I can’t believe I did that!” Your memoirs ranged from slip-ups (“Said virgin, but I meant vegetarian.” – lex_is) to major mess-ups (“Wii remote goes flying, broken TV.” – GavinSutton). Some embarrassing moments were at least in private (“Stayed home on Election Day 2016.”-l8leigh), while others were public affairs (“Quit. Then peed on the carpet.“-FromOldCamp17Road). Some regretted an era (“Big hair, shoulder pads… the 80’s.” – itsalltov), while others played a single moment (“Pants dropped during airport security pat-down.” –Neesha101 ). One thing’s for sure in this wild moment in time: we’ve all done something that we would rather forget.

Here are our top picks!

6. “Accidentally sent sex toy to mother.” –Beyond.Hamilton

5. “Sat in chocolate. Nobody believed me.” – TheRealMrs.Smith

4. “Familiar folly: I became my mom.” –J3nny

3. “Dropped the turkey. Didn’t tell anyone.”Bookie57

2. “Diver asked me why I’m topless.” – maggiebrown60

And the winner is…

1. “No such thing as ‘unsend’ button.”VJWild

Congratulations VJWild! We’ll be in touch about your prize:  a copy of the new game “I Can’t Believe I Did That” from Mortified!


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