New SixContest: We’re swimming in Sixes! Use “swim” in a Six-Word Memoir

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Today's page in the Six-Word Memoir calendar

Today’s date is full of sixes. Not only is it the date 6/6, but the year is 2013 (2 + 1 + 3 = 6). [caption id="attachment_4578" align="alignright" width="128" caption="One user declared 6/6 annual support SMITH Magazine day."]One user declared 6/6 annual support SMITH Magazine day.[/caption] Six is a special number here at the Six-Word Memoir project. In numerology, the number 6 learns from others, cares for them, and teaches them. The number 6 builds communities by keeping people together. Six hold together members of the SMITH community, who challenge each other to six-offs, sixcessfully pun with 6, and condense their stories into only six words. But 6 isn’t just a number; it’s become a verb too. Below, sixers share their meta thoughts on sixing:

6/6 send $6/66/666. SMITHmag Sponsor Day.


Writes in 6. Thinks in volumes.


Feels good thinking in "6"s again.


Sometimes, my six sense really tingles.


Thoughts in mixer. Need sixer elixir.


Having affair with six-words; can't stop.


Only 6 words for 17 years.


SMITH readers digest in 6-word bites.