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Top Six of Thrones

Spoiler alert: You have some serious Six of Thrones. Still, have no fear because there won’t be any spoilers for the latest episode of Game of Thrones in this post, but there will be lots of original six-word fantasy and sci-fi stories. Some Sixes took inspiration from the classics (“E.T. phoned home on a burner”CapeCodder) or from current events (“Black Hole stares back at us.” –zsuzsu). Some stories had us craving more information (“Damn space-elves, quit biting my ankles!”maryjane31), and some stories we know all too well (“Possibilities were infinite. Resources were not.” –Lzbth). Mr.Pantalones summarizes the one thing we know for sure: “Winning the Throne is no game.

And here are our six favorites:

6. “I need to sleep. It doesn’t.” –AlexMRecord

5. “Only antidote has yesterday’s expiration date.” –TwoBillionsSecondsOld

4. “Angry, the earth summoned the mountains.” –MidwestChickadee

3. “Only spite travels faster than light.” –BanjoDan

2. “Don’t ‘slap the dragon’ in zero-G.” –ksan

And the winner is…

1.”Died yesterday, don’t think it took.” –MariaG

Congratulations to MariaG! Here’s to hoping all your favorite characters survive the final season!

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