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Top Six on Why Science Matters


Science is so much more than the test tube experiments and frog dissections of our youth. From the moon and stars to our cars, science explains and powers nearly everything in our daily lives. For SixContest #97, in homage to Earth Day and the March for Science, we asked for your Six Words on why #ScienceMatters. From personal gratitude for medicine (“I’m an asthmatic; I can breathe.” –MMcGoverneWrite) and technology (“Internet gave me a global voice.” –@msmirza), there were many examples of science’s overall impact (“Science seeks truth, and truth matters.” –@pollyt22). Introducing the Top Six reasons why science matters more than ever:

6. “People can lie, but facts cannot.” –Shellackey

5. “54 years, life expectancy in 1907.” –@lifescience

4. “I died, was revived. Thanks, Science!” –dollsbrooks

3. “An eight ounce preemie can survive.” –Amie_Ryan

2. “Because I prefer my water clean.” —ADHDean 

And finally, the golden example of why science matters:

1. “My daughter. Space camp. Future astronaut.” –Amy Cipolla Barnes

Congratulations, Amy Cipolla Barnes, and thanks to everyone who joined in the fun! Whether in our SixContests, on FacebookInstagramTwitterTumblr or at—keep on Sixing!


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