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October 2013

You probably know about the big Six Word Festival On Twitter we had last month, but did you know that Twitter continues to be a hot-spot for Sixes, all day every day? See for yourself at #sixwords and watch as the Six-Word stories come pouring on in. Follow us @SixWords for highlights and updates. Here are some of our favorite tweeted Sixes from the past few weeks:

Sinister Jack-o-Lantern   October 31st is almost upon us and people are excited! Halloween means costumes, candy, and fun decorations! All of that aside, what is one of the most important ingredients in any Halloween event? One word: fear. Part of what makes Halloween such an interesting holiday to celebrate is that it makes us face some of our greatest fears. The Six-Word community of SMITH has become a place where people feel comfortable sharing their fears and anxieties with each other. Here are just a few sixes that represent the spirit of Halloween and what exactly terrifies us when we hear things go bump in the night. Halloween costume? Just a different me. -canadafreeze I’m remembering ghosts of Halloweens past. –dmac9000 Don’t fear the unknown; embrace it. -BGourley

"The breakthrough for me was realizing the great photography is much less about “technique” or even creativity than behavior: you need to really get close to people, physically and emotionally, to take good pictures of them."


George Lange

Photographs are like windows into the past. Although they are moments that have been captured within a split second, they encompass more than just snippets from the universal spectrum of time. Photographs are much bigger than the people and objects in their frames. Frames do not defy the stories told within their borders, they keep them from escaping. No two people know this photography mantra better than George Lange and Scott Mowbray, authors of The Unforgettable Photograph: 228 Ideas, Tips, and Secrets for Taking the Best Pictures of Your Life. To our advantage, they’ve compiled a book of their own knowledge to help photographers from all over capture their own “Unforgettable Photograph.” Though they cover a wide variety of tips and trick in their book, a few questions were left unanswered. Lucky for us, we here at Six-Word Memoirs had the opportunity to dig a little deeper and find out more about the masterminds behind this incredible book.

The Six-Word tweets that we’ve received throughout the festival have been incredibly diverse; they’ve made us laugh, they’ve made us cry, they’ve made us stop and think. But anyone who’s spent more than a few minutes on the internet knows that there are some real weirdos out there, and some of the Sixes that we remember the most are the ones that made us squint, tilt our heads slightly to the left, and go, “huh?” Here are some of the most bizarre and least explicable submissions we received, sorted by prompt (not that the prompt really matters for these): “I will never do that again”

The very existence of Iron Sheik is itself pretty confusing. And frankly, once we saw how actively pumped he was about the Six-Word fest, we weren't really sure how we should deal with him. In any case, I think the camel tweet is pretty much self-explanatory.       Thanks Jason Biggs, we’ll be pondering this one for months.

Last week was our first ever Six-Word Festival On Twitter, three days of #SixWords prompts and amazing responses from Six-ers like you, celebrity judges and some noteworthy drop-in's.  You kept us busy: we had trending tags on Twitter for three days straight. The Festival showcased the versatility of the Six-Word story form, from funny to heartbreaking and everything in between. Here are a few highlights, too good not to share: Best Surprise Celebrity Appearance:

Best Daily Affirmation: Most Thought-Provoking: