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    Classroom of the Month: In Beverly, Mass. six-word pandemic stories connect a community.

    “cold fingers are worse than autocorrect!”—The Best Six-Word Memoirs Of The Week

    Best Sixes image 20141121You don’t need to be a Game of Thrones fan to know: Winter Is Coming. This week, Sixers across the country bonded over the big chill. Most lamented the cold front (“Acclimatization unlikely. Extreme cold warrants hibernation.”) and it’s early-to-the-party arrival (“And thus it begins. So-called ‘Wonderland.’”). And one Sixer held onto the light at the end of the (freezing) tunnel: provisions and simple comforts will get us through this arctic season (“Today I’m thankful for over-the-knee socks.”). —Caroline Goldstein

    Most digitally-challenged:  Cold fingers are worse than autocorrect!” —Raven_OKeefe

    Most grateful: Today I’m thankful for over-the-knee socks.” —favepeep

    Best tongue-in-cheek: And thus it begins. So-called ‘Wonderland.’” –enginethatcould

    Least acclimated: “Words struggle to exit frigid fingertips.” —Ellis_Reyes

    Best narrative arc: “Acclimatization unlikely. Extreme cold warrants hibernation.” —CanadaGoose

    Most cheerful: Silly grin frozen on my face.” —Jugggler

    Plus! Final days to share your gratitude in just Six Words! Share your entries for our SixContest #40: “What you are thankful for in Six” by Wednesday, 11/26 by 3pm ET!


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