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Illustrated Memoirs at NationalHigh Jakarta School, Jakarta, Indonesia

At NationalHigh Jakarta School of Piaget Academy in Jakarta, Indonesia, First Language English teacher Hannia Dergongan Marohombsar and her students create beautifully illustrated memoirs, many of which can be seen on the Six-Word Memoirs website. Each student brings forth their personality in the vivid images and thoughtful memoirs.

“Perfect daughter? No, I’m a failure.” — Charlene Kurniawan

Marohombsar discovered Six-Word Memoirs three years ago while browsing through its illustrated memoirs and backstories. She immediately found a connection to the format as a potential lesson plan for her Year 8 and Year 10 students. She asks her class to incorporate memoirs into their artwork in a way that the words harmoniously mesh with the image. “I normally use the Six-Word Memoirs as one of my several strategies to jump start my topic on narrative writing,” says Marohombsar, “and it works every time!”

A highlight of the school’s annual English Week celebration is the display of students’ Six-Word Memoirs. Their sixes are an immensely popular attraction, and Marohombsar says that her students look forward to participating in the project.

“You left your mark in me.” — Joshua Johanes Sundjojo

“Is anyone there? Please help me…” — Jennifer Lim

Students have consistently uploaded illustrated memoirs to the website, with several students publishing multiple times. Collectively, Marohombsar’s students have uploaded over a hundred artworks. She adds, “Six-Word Memoirs is also the perfect site to be ‘published’ whilst being creative.” Her classes achieve a sense of accomplishment when they upload and publish their illustrations to the website. It permits recognition for their imagination and efforts.

“The gifted don’t feel that way.” — Jasmine Kurniawan

“Ten years in, two to go.” — Katrin Widjaja

Marhombsar says that Six-Word Memoirs remains a regular presence in her future lesson plans. The creative writing exercise inspires stories about the students’ personal narratives, and their illustrations convey a visual appreciation of their creativity.

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