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“I often mix metaphors with vodka.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs Of The Week

Best Six

Many think of Six Words as a safe place to divulge their gluttonous habits. This week, the sweet stuff was the poison of choice for some Sixers (“Diet police lenient, bribed with chocolate”), while others opted for something stronger (“I often mix metaphors with vodka”). But no matter how sinful our diets, we can count on our indulgences as a reliable source of pleasure—even a cause for sleepless excitement (“Been anticipating breakfast all night long”). –Caroline Goldstein

Least disciplined:Diet police lenient, bribed with chocolate.” —Kharis

Lushest literate:I often mix metaphors with vodka.” —Bevvie

Best seasonal advice:Indulge in Autumn’s golden pumpkin nectar.” —PoeticPisces

Most excitable gourmand:Been anticipating breakfast all night long.” —jl333

Best inspiration:Pasta’s a canvas. Be a Michelangelo.” —L2L3

Most existential:What is life without apple pie?” —FireFoxi


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