SixContest Winners! Our top 6 “firsts” in six words

Top Unconventional Loves In Six Words


With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, love is inescapable. For SixContest #92, we asked for your stories of unconventional love in Six Words. We were quickly enamored with Celebrity Sixer Elizabeth Gilbert’s own #UnconditionalLoveInSix story:

Some spoke of a deep devotion to artistic endeavors (“It was love at first write.” –Stella_Matutina) and a few of your revelations left us wanting to know more (“Vietnam 1966, Lao Xi, miss you.”–wsupton). Many tales prove that unconventional can also be unconditional (“He fasts to see my performances.” –TheatreGeek). Your Sixes show that love doesn’t have to be traditional to be meaningful.

Introducing the Top Six entries that stole our hearts…

6. “Nothing unconventional except we’re both women.” –JoC.

5. “My Viola: it is my baby.” –Emilogic

4. “We ran until our paths crossed.” –Insearchofsomeday

3. “Swiped right because his cat plays fetch” –@asraimun

2. “Love of baseball passed to daughters.” –@hikealot2014

and the entry that made us swoon…

1. “A stranger who felt like home.” –NeilSlevin

Congratulations, NeilSlevin, and thanks to all who participated! Whether in our SixContests, on FacebookInstagramTwitterTumblr or at—keep on Sixing!

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