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Emergency room workers in the time of Covid are sharing why they do what they do in Six Words.

Top Old-School Nostalgia in Six

This month, we asked you to turn you attention away from these messy, modern times and ponder the proverbial “good-old days” for SixContest #128. Sixers thought back fondly on playing outside (“Making potions of sticks and mud.” – JennaB125) and inside (“Rainbow road is impossible to win.” – Kenzieknaak). Some of you were trendsetters (“Our roller skates invented the craze.” – zsuzu), others were heart-breakers (“Guys fought over me in Kindergarten.” – Neesha101), and penny-pinchers (“Always checked phone-booths for missed dimes.”DynamicDbytheC). You wrote about what you ate (“Bologna, American Cheese, Wonder Bread, Mayo.” – Ellis_Reyes) and what you wore (“Shorts under skirt, now monkey bars.” – RuthieBaby). No matter when you were in school, RomanAround shares a dynamic duo we all know: “Number two pencils and wide rule.”

6. “When MTV was 24/7 music videos

5. “You got AirPods? I had cassette-tapes”

4.  “Wii Sports, you won’t be forgotten.” –shohei

3. “Mom waitressing. Kids home alone. Whatever.

2. “Happy polaroids are making a comeback.

And the winner is…

  1. “We never had active shooter drills. –MotorCityMich

Congratulations to MotorCityMich!

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