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Emergency room workers in the time of Covid are sharing why they do what they do in Six Words.

Top Bury Me in Six

This month, we dug 6 feet under to unveil your inner thoughts as to where and how you want to be buried. Some sought eternal rest in nature (“Sprinkle me among the pine trees. “- AROD) while others headed into space (“Let my ashes rival the stars.” – dailycatnips). Sixers offered specific instructions (“Dancing on my grave is encouraged.” – catsmeow), while others dreamed up alternatives (“Rather be buried in a book.” – Andromeda). Some wrote about what you hope is waiting on the other side (“The silence is a welcomed friend.”VeraBeth), while others were more concerned with what they left behind (“Anywhere. Just don’t bury my legacy.” – ilaku01). No matter where we’re all buried, BanjoDan shares our greatest fear: “There’s a typo on my tombstone.”

Here’s our top six:

6. “Near the roses, where grandma sleeps” –ColleenM

5. “Sweet Mother Earth, embrace your child. ” –@KarenLoweryHall

4. “Parts decay, but a soul remains.” – BenjaminHommel

3. “Like any good story, simple plot.” – Kharis

2. “Online legacy: Blogged eulogy, Tweeted gravestone.” – Mikibits

1. “Bury me in perennials, they return.” – JAD

Congratulations to JAD!

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