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Top Family Resemblance in Six

SixContest #124 asked Sixers the question: “What’s the Family Resemblance in Six?”

Good news: you have some great family resemblance stories.

This month we asked you to describe your family resemblance in six words — to give credit where it’s due, or perhaps undeserved and unwanted. Some talked about family function: (“Downward dog. Meditating on mom’s legs.”CatherineL), while others had something to say about their dysfunction: “Born into long line of drama-queens.” – liberatissima). You took time to reflect on your family’s origin story: (“Immigrants. Ellis Island makes us family.”BenjaminHommel), to note that personality aren’t always in sync with physicality: (“He’s my twin, but zero resemblance”jl333), and that the bond between parent and child never ends: (“Mama’s boy became his mother’s caregiver.”tonyglim). Community member LisaK summarized a resemblance that’s too hard to ignore: “Google thinks we’re the same person.” Facial recognition gets us every time.

Here are our Top 6 family favorites:

6. “Mom: extravert. Dad: introvert. Me: nontrovert.”20thPaul

5. “Often find myself wearing Mom’s smile.”canadafreeze

4. “Our faces reveal parents’ origin stories.”Mr.Pantalones

3. “Mom’s anger. Dad’s addiction. My disadvantage.”Alexx.S

2. “Bent pinkies run in the family.”SF51girl

And the winner is…

1. “Lord they ALL have my attitude”BecomingLuke

Congratulations to BecomingLuke! Thanks for sharing your #ResemblanceInSix! We’re delighted to share our six-word keychain—one with a logo that will look familiar.

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