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Top Six “The Heart of the Memoir Contest”

The heart is inarguably the most popular literary device and symbol that has developed simultaneously with the growth of language from prehistoric hieroglyphs to the sweet personifications of the Romantics. From the intensity of Fritz Lang’s dystopian classic Metropolis (“The mediator between head and hands must be the heart!”) to Christina Rosetti’s poem “A Birthday” (“My heart is like a singing bird”), the “heart” contains multitudes.  We can see for ourselves that the “heart” dominates our actions and speech, and for SixContest #150, we were curious to see you incorporate the enigmatic “heart” in a Six-Word Memoir.

Some responded to the prompt literally  (Drawing hearts makes everything look nicer.” — IHeartWriting) and (“My dog lights up my heart.”QuestCrew), and others poetically (“The heart is fragile like wishing-dandelions.” — MaritzaCoronel). Stories of the heart were often brutally honest in the trappings of heartbreak: (“Heartache or Heartburn? Not sure anymore.” — Wraith) and (“There’s no vaccine for broken hearts” — BanjoDan). However, it is the swoon-worthy charm of ZeniEMSGifted who gets all our hearts with his “I heart these six word memoirs.”

Here are our Top Six picks!

  1. “Even a Grinch heart can grow.” — l8leigh
  1. “My heart’s forever purple for Prince.” — MsKillie
  1. “Laughter is my Band-Aid for heartache.” — Neesha101
  1. “Is there novocaine for the heart?” — NumbrOneAunt 
  1. “Rather my heart untouched than bruised.” — writingtolast 

And the winner is…

  1. “Heart’s in charge, it’s a dictator.” — Streamtail

Congratulations to — Streamtail! You words surely speak to many of us who feel the same.


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