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Top Six “Spooky Stories in Six Words”


The master of American horror, Stephen King, once said: “We make up horrors to cope with the real ones.” It seems as if humans across cultures enjoy scaring each other by sharing chilling tales, ideally while huddled together around a bonfire with cozy security blankets. While the world’s real horrors stick with us all year round, as the Hallowen season approached for Six Contest #147 we challenged you to write a spooky story in six words.

Some Sixers took a more conventional approach (“You awoke suddenly, buried alive.” — Adrion). Others really exemplified how sometimes the classics hit home  (“I talk because the walls respond.” — SaltyFishSoup) and (“I’m outside your window. Wrong window.” — Purgefam964). Finally, some sixers cleverly found a way to bring in humor in their sixes  (“That witch looks like my mother-in-law.” — BanjoDan).

Here are our Top Six picks!

6.“He’s there, can’t you see him.” — HiddenSouls

5.“Wait, why can’t anyone see me?” — WyattC

4. “Toy started singing; had no batteries.” — LynnB

3. “Union soldier’s ghost haunts the cellar.” — zsuzsu

2. “My reflection never blinks. Help me…” —  A_Drowsy_Llama 

And the winner is…

1. “Turning 60: much scarier than Halloween.” — l8leigh 

Congratulations to l8leigh  for sharing your terrifying yet sensible fear that will one day haunt all of us! Here’s a not-so-scary thought: We’ll send you the Six-Word Memoir book of your choice to celebrate your sixth decade.






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