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“For sale: Android feet. Both left.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs Of The Week

Six Word Festival celebs

This week, we hosted our second Six-Word Festival on Twitter! With celebrity judges like Molly Ringwald, George Takei, and Jason Biggs, the three-day event was fantastic—a fun way to celebrate virtual storytelling and everyone’s love of words. Check out the winners and read hilarious tweets on our blog, where we’ve posted the Best of the Fest for each of the seven challenges. June 6th (which just happens to be 6/6) marked the end of the Festival; but we couldn’t leave you without highlighting more sixes from the event. Each is a perfect example of brevity and wit, which is at the heart of the Six Word form.
–Gilmarie Brioso

Best #SixWordAdvice: “Don’t criticize your teenage daughter’s hair.”

Best #SixWordSciFi : “For sale: Android feet. Both left.”

Best #NotSoSecretSix: “I took the Poop Deck literally.”

Best #SixWordLetter: “Don’t open your Star Wars toys!”

Best #KnewIWasAMom: “When I picked another person’s nose.”

Best #KeepMarriageAlive: “We get kinkier every single day.”

Plus! SixContest #28 is still going strong! Share words of wisdom and encouragement to all recent and soon-to-be graduates in just six words. The winner will take home a new Six-Word Memoirs book! The contest ends Friday, 6/13.


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