SixContest winners! Kindness is not random but your Top Six Random Acts of Kindness are extra special!

“You are somebody’s sunshine. Burn bright.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs of the Week

Best Sixes ending 20141212 imageThe sun guides our days and influences our lives. As daylight hours wane and winter sets in, this week’s Sixes showcase our intrigue with the sun. It can be a figurative beacon (“You are somebody’s sunshine; burn bright.”), a literal guide (“Following the sunset along Route 66.”) or a visual reward (“Sundogs, colored ribbons in the sky.”). With its constant return, the sun energizes both our world and our words. —Shauna Greene

Best observation:Sundogs, colored ribbons in the sky.” –canadafreeze

Most encouraging: “You are somebody’s sunshine. Burn bright.” –kmagnis

Hardest-hitting: “The sun doesn’t come up sometimes.” ­–saberg

Most poetic: “Sunlight’s warmth caresses my crouched back.” –gwen91014

Best narrative arc: “He’s not interested; sun’s kept rising.” –TaliaKE

Best itinerary: “Following the sunset along Route 66.” –CindyT

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