SixContest winners! Kindness is not random but your Top Six Random Acts of Kindness are extra special!

“Written Off. Writing Myself Back In.”—Best Six-Word Memoirs of the Week

Best Sixes ending 20141205

When it comes to writing, it can be difficult drawing the line between the work and the writer. And as every writer knows, your work is never done after the first draft. This week we saw that Sixers are skillful editors, be it in their work or in their lives (“Living is about rewriting, revising adventures.”). Whatever fuels your need to edit, these Sixes show the fiery spirit that keeps us willing to revise as needed.
Tom Krantz

Most Progressive: “Only looking foward, done looking back.” –laschaefer79
Best Substitution: “Move over Worry, you’re being replaced!” –Solstice22
Most Gumption: “Written off. Writing myself back in.” –JohnBigJohn
Best Revision: “Editing my inner circle. Deleting negativity.”  –Susan_Breeden
Closest connection to page: “Living is about rewriting, revising adventures.” Nol_Martin-tungpala
Best advice: “Time deletes but writing saves memories.” –BanjoDan

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