SixContest Winners! Our top 6 “firsts” in six words

“Need a drink, get a shot.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs Of The Week

Best Six-01 May 17-23It has been said that beer preceded bread. That is not far from impossible since fermented beverages have existed from as early as the Neolithic period. And as this week’s best memoirs reveal, we think a lot about our liquid infusions. Our libations can keep us warm, keep us open, keep us true. Some Sixers see drinking as a wild pleasure (“Whiskey’s a massage in a bottle.”) or a way to console (“When you’re gone, I shoot tequila.”). For others, drinking is a perfect metaphor, painting a perfect picture (“My reflection is a pathetic drunk.”). -Gilmarie Brioso

Best Advice: “Need a drink, get a shot.” –JenaK

Most Remote: “Live alone. Work alone. Drink alone.” –ChewyD2

Most Unwinding: “Whiskey’s a massage in a bottle.” –IM

Best Imagery: “My reflection is a pathetic drunk.” –littleglassfingers

Best Guidance: “‘Keep it simple.’ Best drunkard advice.” –Amapola

Best Reprisal: “When you’re gone, I shoot tequila.” –Girl_usual

Plus! Share your Memorial Day messages in Six Words! Some of the best submissions may be included in our new book, Six-Word War Stories (out later this year).

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