Classroom of the Month: John Ferry’s “Image and Form” class at Kansas City Art Institute

Top Secrets to Take to the Grave

This month we asked you to dig deep and share your darkest memories—the secrets you promised to take to the grave. Some secrets were kept from siblings (“Made out with my brother’s girlfriend” –Oh_Skinny), others from strangers (“Bar alias: Vanessa. Hometown: Birkenshire, England.” –FKA_Liza). Feelings were kept inside (“‘I’m fine’ is a cold lie.“-Margar3t) and shared too soon (“Tattooed secret: temporary lover, permanent reminder.” –CanadaGoose).  But, there are some secrets that even we don’t want to know (“What I wear to type sixes.“-DynamicDbytheC).

6. “A simple edit changed her career.” -AROD

5. “Named valedictorian despite my second-place GPA” –@pbsharkey

4. “We were more than just friends.” –EnglishRose

3.” I faked a Ouija Board message.” –Zsuzsu

2. “I have no intention of self-improvement.” –LadyMac

And the winner is…

1. “I never told. But did you?”Hemmingway1955

And the top backstory goes to DatGuiser for the life-changing experience that tell the story of these six words: “Once was spooky; came back haunted“.

Congratulations to Hemmingway1955 and DatGuiser!

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