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Oh, The Lies That You Tell. #SixLies

Michael Ian Black commands attention anytime he posts on Twitter and today was no exception. In collaboration with @sixwords, he challenged everyone to share “Six Words that mean your lying.” We opened the floodgates at 1 pm and your #SixLies came pouring in. In fact, some of you started sixing even before the floodgates were open:

From there, the Twitter-sphere  started lying at a furious pace. Our tags #sixlies and #sixwords Trended quickly, with tweets coming in at more than 4,000 an hour according to estimates.

And Michael’s #sixlies winner is… “People say I should do comedy” by @laurenonymous. Here are a few more favorites from Six-Word editors; a Top Six list, of course:


But it’s no lie when we say how thrilled we are to get some celeb-tweets. Here are our Six favorites, starting with the incomparable Ricky Gervais:

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