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Six-Word Search: "I put the __ in __."

The SMITH community loves wordplay, and recently, we’ve noticed many of you Sixers getting creative in your memoirs with the “I put the __ in __” form. That’s why this week we’ve decided to put the rational in inspirational so to speak and dedicate an entire Six-Word Search to the phrase. Here are some of our favorites. Enjoy (and don’t forget to click on the links to read more Six-Word Memoirs by these crafty mini-memoirists)!

I put the moi in memoir. – lannie6

I put the verse in universe. – Bevvie

I put the sexy in dyslexia. – treehugger

I’m the ACT in intractable. – Dhani

I put the man in manicure. – BanjoDan

I put the n in inn. – JAD

I put the hood in motherhood. – L2L3

I put the pro in inappropriate. – accidentaltourist

I put the pow in empowerment. – Contemplative

I put the imp in impunity. – L2L3

I put the pieces back together. – Knoxena


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