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“The sunflowers have curtsied to Fall.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs of the Week

Best Six (Aug 30-Sep 5)-01

The Six-Word community is stirring with excitement as many happily embrace the fall season. Brisk winds bring with them energy and enthusiasm, which are expressed throughout this week’s best memoirs. Our Sixers are quick to illustrate autumn’s colors (“Purple chrysanthemums fall into my fall.”), sights (“The sunflowers have curtsied to Fall”), and sounds (“Cicadas are rattling, ‘September! September! September!'”). A change in the seasons encourages a change in inspiration. We are delighted to see how fall will animate our community.
–Gilmarie Brioso

Ed. Note: Many of these memoirs have beautiful images and backstories. Please click on the highlighted links to view them.

Most Rich:Autumn: when hot yellows turn gold.” –deconstructingself

Most Color: “Purple chrysanthemums fall into my fall.” –CanadaGoose

Toughest Narrative Arc:The sunflowers have curtsied to Fall.” –canadafreeze

Best Visual  “’Life’s brief’ sighed a September leaf.” –BanjoDan

Most Lyrical:Sun shines so sweetly in September.” –Solstice22

Most Sonorous: “Cicadas are rattling, ‘September! September! September!'”liberata

Plus! Congratulations to Wench, our Memoirist Of The Month for September. Read our blog and see why she’s been with Six-Word Memoirs since 2009!


  • Solstice22
    September 6, 2014

    Beautiful Fall memoirs! My favorite season!

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