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The Top Six Memoirs About Nature


In our busy lives, sometimes we forget to enjoy the natural splendor of the world around us. For SixContest #83, we asked you to immerse yourself in the many wonders of nature—in Six Words. Some advised on the importance of preserving our environment (“Nurture well what nature gives you.” –maryjane31), while others reminded us that our surroundings are not always carefree (“Nature stormed in, stole my world.” —sisterpoet, with a backstory below about the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy). But the overwhelming sentiment was heartfelt appreciation for our natural world and the beauty it brings to our lives.

Introducing our Top Six favorites from this contest:

6. “Mother Nature: sometimes beautiful, sometimes cruel.” —CuzinVin

5. “Earth: Your place or mine? Ours.” —l8leigh

4. “Hiking is nature’s road to tranquility!” —@bobbistanley (via Twitter)

3. “Before Netflix, I binge watched Nature.” —Neesha101

2. “Despite the storms, I will blossom.” —@oopsalittle (via Twitter)

And a natural fit for the top spot…

1. “Got lost in nature. Found myself.” —anpsmn

Congratulations, anpsmn, and thanks to all who participated! Whether in our SixContests, on FacebookInstagramTwitterTumblr or at—keep on Sixing!

Ed. Note: sisterpoet’s backstory: “Superstorm Sandy destroyed my shore home. My life was never the same. It took me a long while to even drive on the parkway. Eventually, I was able to go to events or places I had been to but it was difficult. Just recently, I’ve worked my way up to a 10 day stay. When I am alone, on the beach, I cry for what is lost and what will never be. My children had the privilege of a life of summer ease as did I. No future generation of ours will. We have no place on this shore to make new memories. The ocean came in and wiped us clean. We have no choice but to start again.”


  • CuzinVin
    September 9, 2016

    They say, “Timing is everything.” This particular contest came along only about 2 days after I watched “The Revenant.” So thanks to the movie, I really had pretty good inspiration for my six words.

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