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Top 6 “Predict The Future In Six Words”

In December 2021, for SixContest #149, we asked you to give us your predictions, apprehensions, and personal motivations for 2022. And despite the first month of the year plunging the world into another turvy season of that one-star movie, The Pandemic, you responded with the one thing that has kept us going so far: hope.

In your six-word fortune cookie notes, Sixers offered grounded advice for the future (“Hope for best; prepare for worst.” —SomeoneHelp;  “Gets worse before it gets better.”—amgrumm) and put our situation into context (“The only thing constant is change.” —Beyond.Hamilton). Some turned to the past for fuel (“Sticks and stones didn’t break me.” —Lexislol), and others kept an optimistic eye on a literally and figuratively maskless future (“See a bright future, no mask!!” —JAD; “Easier to smile with my eyes.” —runjayne). Some were hilariously meta (“I win the six word contest.” —Ethanry; “Disney pays billions; renames metaverse ‘marveluniverse.’” —AnnaMac), and others expelled the frustrations we’re all currently feeling (“‘Off the rails’ stops somewhere, right?”  —CarpenterDomnhall). The future feels like an unpredictable game with no rules right now, but you Sixers have proved that nothing beats the power of supporting each other.

Onto our Top Six prediction picks!

6. “We’ll get the hang of it.” —SF51girl

5. “Mom and dad are all better.” —Jullea

4. “Learning sign language. Increasing my self-talk.” —AROD

3. “I’m changing daily. Clothes. Mind. Ambition.” —canadafreeze

2. “Big things’ll happen. Take little strides.” —VJWild

And the winner of Predict The Future In Six Words is…

1. “Bring it on. One more time.” —artgirl8 

Congratulations artgirl8, for subtly implying that the future won’t be without its troubles, but for also reflecting the relentless perseverance that inspires us to keep our chins up for the future. We hope you’re able to find similar inspiration in the Six-Word Memoir book of your choice.

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