New SixContest: We’re swimming in Sixes! Use “swim” in a Six-Word Memoir

Top 6 “Unsent Letters in Just Six Words”

For SixContest#143, we asked you to share your unsent letters. While we often hesitate to click “send” or place the final stamp on the envelope, Sixers had plenty to say. Many wrote letters to our muses (“I would write to Van Gogh.” — Solstice) and our critics (“Burned that letter, teary-eyed… from smoke.” — AnnaMac). Others remembered unrequited love (“Always poor timing, my sweetest friend.” — TraceyP) and the heartbreak that followed (“Loved you; told you; weathered us.” — gnp). Finally, Sixers took the opportunity for catharsis (“I lied. It wasn’t an accident.” — vaibhav) and redemption (“I’m so much better without you.” — Journalgirl). Thanks to all the six-word scribes for baring your souls and sharing unspoken missives.

Here are our Top Six picks!

6. “To the father I’ve never known.” — canadafreeze

5. “Dear Santa, ‘Naughty’ is so subjective.” — VincentAurelius

4. “Wrote, shredded, composted. Planted seeds. Healing.” — Kharis

3. “Was that the end of us?” — kaydanF

2. “You survived. You will recover, thrive.” — BecomingLuke

And the winner is…

1. “In another life: we kiss unafraid.” — VieuxCh

Congratulations to VieuxCh for your beautiful and emotional memoir!


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