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Emergency room workers in the time of Covid are sharing why they do what they do in Six Words.

Top Halloween Stories in Six Words

Halloween-06“Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange?” ponder residents of Halloween Town in Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. After all, this is Halloween—who would expect anything less? Many of the entries from SixContest #38 answered the call. Using only six words, the community shared more than 400 stories ranging from funny to frightening. Here are the top Sixes from “Halloween Horror Stories in Six Words….”

6. “All alone she heard her name” —@JDGDredd1050 (via Twitter)

5. “Thought it was a costume party.” —letitshine

4. “Candy gone. Tricksters coming. Lights out.” —Amy B. (via Facebook)

3. “Wore complicated costume. Impossible to pee.” —ChewyD2

2. “Sixteen candles on an unmarked grave.” —steelponypoet

And the top entry from SixContest #38 is…

1. “No signal. Landline dead. Phone rings….” —tcube

Congrats to tcube and thanks to everyone who joined in the fun! Whether in our SixContests, on FacebookTwitterTumblr or at—keep on Sixing!


  • Solstice22
    October 27, 2014

    These are so good! All the entries scared me to pieces! Read them anyway, then hid under the covers! Big congrats to the winners of this scary fun conctest.

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