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The Top Six Most Terrifying Words


No matter how tough you are, everyone can be shaken to the core. For SixContest #86, we asked for Six Words that absolutely terrify you during this month of fright. Your Sixes are eerie and haunting (“The real demons walk among us.” —@KathrynDiPasqua via Twitter), revealing lightheartedly scary possibilities (“I’m sorry; we have only decaf.” —@carolmcc13 via Twitter), along with some legitimate fears (“Leaving no legacy. Forgotten after death.” —VinnieCosta). With nearly 500 entries on our site, our Sixers are no strangers to terror and dread.

Introducing the Top Six Words that are truly terrifying:

6. “Hey babe, ‘we need to talk.'” —caralongwrites

5. “You wrote books, Iris. Beautiful books.” —Jeff Greenwald (via Facebook)

4. “Daring to dream’s no longer permitted.” —J3nny

3. “Relax, it’s just locker room talk.” —@greenflag68 (via Twitter)

2. The cancer is back. It’s terminal.” —DynamicDbytheC

And the Six Words we found most unnerving…

1. “We respectfully regret to inform you . . .” —womanathequill

Congratulations to womanathequill, and thanks to all who participated! Whether in our SixContests, on FacebookInstagramTwitterTumblr or at—keep on Sixing!


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