What would love say to you in Six Words? Larry poses that challenge as a guest on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Letters From Love Newsletter

Top “Hindsight is 20/20” in Six

For Six Contest #136, we asked you what you would have done differently or changed in hindsight. Some of you had advice for your past selves that ranged from universal (“There is not always perfect timing.” —graceggrant) to quite specific (“Watch out for toilet paper Karens.” —EthanGN). Others talked about what they would have done to avoid the worst (“Look into immigrating to New Zealand” —April Pillsbury-Lloyd) but reflected on what they learned (“2020 taught me how to breathe again.” —charwells1015). And for Sixers who were unsure about reimagining the past: “Hindsight is 20/40 without my glasses.”  AnnaMac.

Here are our top 6 picks!

6. “Solitude and loneliness aren’t the same.” — magma02

5. “Sadly, kids seem quieter after Covid.” —Mont

4. “Watch out for sucker punch years.” — mzejay

3. “Miss opportunities before masks were essential.” — @mailebeck2

2. “Collect takeout menus. They’ll be handy.” —Alicia Rodriguez

And the winner is…

1. “I should’ve said goodbye. Too late.” — spark27

Congratulations spark27—your six words are a poignant reflection of these tough times.

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