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Emergency room workers in the time of Covid are sharing why they do what they do in Six Words.

Top Six Memoirs Filled with Sarcasm


Inconceivably, people actually enjoyed this contest. For SixContest #63 we saluted Sarcasm Awareness Month by challenging you to spin your snarkiness in just six words. Some entries were about the contest itself (Winning sarcasm contests changed my life” –BanjoDan), while others got personal (“Oh yeah, college is going great.” –Savita). What makes these Sixes so appealing is the line they tread between jokes and slams. –Michael Steigman

6. “I guess my invite got lost.” –Amanda S. (via Facebook)

5. “Your political posts will change minds.” –@ABCDSherman (via Twitter)

4. “I write for the intellectual reward.” –ardentwanderer

3. “Don’t trip over those low standards.” –Susan_Breeden

2. “Thanks for pointing out my imperfections.” –maryjane31

And the finest sarcastic delivery in Six:

1. “Best way to save relationship? Baby.” –MsKillie

Congratulations, MsKillie! And thanks to all who joined in the fun! Really. Whether in our SixContests, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or at–keep on Sixing!


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