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Top Six-Word Letters to Our Bodies

No matter how society may dictate body image, ultimately we get to define ourselves. For SixContest #100—our centennial prompt—Six Words teamed up with the creators of the upcoming book of essays, My Body, My Words (Spring 2018), and asked you to write a letter to your body in just six words. Our bodies serve as personal journals, reflecting our ordeals (‘Tiny’ frames can have hidden pain.” —@TheSquibbler), our triumphs (“Two babies are your greatest testimonial.” —Kharis), and how we change over time (“Mind more flexible. Skin less elastic.” —SouthPorch). Whether embracing our physical form (“Don’t be afraid of soft parts.” —@natdnapo) or applauding all-around perseverance (“Bumpy ride but I’m still grateful.” —@dizzygirlwrite3), there was no limit to the body of work presented in nearly 800 entries​ on and across our social channels​!​ Our Top 6 winners will be included among a group of longer essays in the forthcoming ​My Body, My Words:

6. “My physical strength keeps surprising me.” —maripose

5. “Wrinkles narrate my body of work.” —FKA_Liza

4. “Dear marrow: I’ll never forgive you.” —@KathrynDiPasqua

3. “These scars represent my many blessings.” —brokenlens

2. “I’m taking away your self-destruct button” —@Sammie_Grace

And the story that landed in the top spot is…

1. “Dear body: don’t act your age.” —canadafreeze

Congratulations to our Top Six contributors on being selected for publication and thanks to everyone who joined in the fun! Whether in our SixContests, on FacebookInstagramTwitterTumblr or at—keep on Sixing!


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