New SixContest: We’re swimming in Sixes! Use “swim” in a Six-Word Memoir

Top “Six Words on Your Work Life”

Ten years ago, we released a book titled  Six Words on Work that summarized the Six Words Memoirs community’s work life. Ten years and one pandemic later, we asked you for an update. For SixContest #140, you crafted memoirs about balancing work and personal lives, and summarized your 2021 workplace—a world which has changed for all of us.

Sixers shared timeless, relatable sentiments (“I don’t know what’s going on.” — JacobW) and helpful advice (“Never get comfortable. Always move forward.” — Leiurusquinquestriatus). Others considered pandemic-flavored ironies (“Webinar on limiting employee screen time.” — NeelimaKE, “This meeting should’ve been an email.” — Neesha101) and surprising revelations (“Hated WFH, now want it forever.” — Swimmamac). Sixers also expressed satisfaction (“Livin’ the dream, scoopin’ ice cream.” — CourtneyWeston) and weariness (“Once fun; now boring muscle memory.” — T1m343) with their work lives. Whatever the work, there’s always a story to tell. We’re taking submissions for consideration for the updated Six Words on Work book until January 15, 2022, so keep your stories coming.

Here are our top six picks!

6. Some people work better at midnight. — saraman

5. Work, work, drop dead, resurrect, work. — BanjoDan

4. “Remote” and “Hybrid” are swear words.” — PapaCraft

3. Intern became CEO: Chief Experience Officer. — Elisa_Shevitz

2. Students are my why. Step aside. — KathleenTucker

And the winner of Six Words on You Work Life is…

1. Passion wins against happiness every time. — Annikagreeneyes

Congratulations Annikagreeneyes, for eloquently summarizing the cognitive dissonance of attempting to balance heavy ideas like purpose with happiness, through work! We hope you’ll be able to find some happiness in the Six Word Memoir book of your choice.

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