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Top Six “Your Summer Stories in Six Words”

For SixContest #145, we asked Sixers to indulge in their summer memories. As the past few months reached record-breaking temperatures, our sizzling hot short-form scribes looked back on summers filled with first loves, sun freckles, and ocean tides.

Sixers recalled memories of playing in the sun (“Forearms striped from sticky popsicle juice.” — NatJC) and basking in the evening warmth (“Catching fireflies. Watching fireworks. Finding love?” — IncognitoGirl). Others described vacation mishaps (“Got lost at the county fair.” — mzejay) and unbreakable family bonds (“Sleepovers: cousins squashed together, mosquitoes. Bliss!” — Miera) Finally, a few Sixers shared stories not easily forgotten (“I would’ve preferred a lousy T-shirt.” — Oh_Skinny) but would make for great campfire stories (“1955 Chevy named Ralph. No reverse.” — canadafreeze).

Here are our Top Six picks!

6. “Daily forecast: scorching days, sultry nights.” — l8leigh

5.  “Finally, relax into freckle expansion therapy.” — turniphead

4. “Barbeques, happy ghosts, freshly cut grass.” — NoraAllen

3. “Holding hands, pushing back the fall.” — AhaaJan

2. “Coppertone and a well-oiled baseball mitt.” — Loon

And the winner is…

1. “The expectation of the beach path.”Kharis

Congratulations to Kharis for sharing a visually beautiful memoir (and the perfect image as well!) that captures a glimpse of summer.

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