New SixContest: We’re swimming in Sixes! Use “swim” in a Six-Word Memoir

Top “Tell a Lie in Six Words”

For SixContext #138, we asked you to come up with your most incredible lies and half-truths. And to be honest, you blew us away. Silver-tongued Sixers shared everyday white lies, exaggerated narratives, and brutal dishonesty. You revealed lies we suspect you’re telling yourself (“Tattoos never will be on my skin! – MorganHintz, age 14) as well as telling others (“Your eyebrows will grow back… soon.” —AnneWasHere). Others lied through their teeth to deflect blame (“Was that you who just farted?” —Steve_Anthony) or avoid arguments (“Bro, you’re rocking the skinny jeans.” — l8leigh). Some offered fibs about technology (“I’ve read the terms and conditions.”—Anirudh) and others suspect big tech is lying the them (“Your information is secure with us.” Rebecca_Stasdolnick). And a few big little liars conspired against the concept of six words (“I’m not saying six words now.” —MoSA; “I followed the rules of this contest.” — Jub).

Here are our top six picks!

6.” To make a long story short…” —enginethatcould

5. “I’ll call you. We’ll hang out.” —JustAmy

4.“Love gets easier as you age.” —jlblanck

3. “All are equal before the law.” —mirror

2.“We’ll be okay without you, Mom.” — favepeep

And the winner of Tell a Lie in Six Words is…

1.“I know exactly what I’m doing.” — Solstice

Congratulations and thank you for your six words that we all can relate to, Solstice! Like we promised, they’ll receive a Six-Word Memoir book of their choice.

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