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Top Words of Advice for Graduates


Graduation is a bittersweet time, but your lovely words of advice and encouragement will surely soothe the transition. SixContest #28 requested words of wisdom for all recent and soon-to-be graduates. And you delivered! Your Six-Word life lessons will be considered for our new book, Six Words of Advice from Writers Famous & Obscure, coming out in 2015 from St. Martin’s Press. With hundreds of entries, it was difficult to choose a Top Six, but here are the favorites:

6. “Choose a good mentor. Then listen.” –Bevvie

5. “Stamp your ambition with indelible ink.” –lulu42

4. “Live the life you won’t regret.” –paristexas

3. “Buy a wine rack. For emergencies.” –ricctp6

2. “You are not done learning yet.” –@typinggloves (J Ritterbusch via Twitter)

And our top-rated Six-Word Memoir is…

1. “Check your expectations at the door.” –hermothersdaughter

Congrats to hermothersdaughter—she’lll take home a copy of our upcoming advice book!

Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun! Whether in our Caption Contests, on FacebookTwitterTumblr or at—keep on Sixing!

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