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“Writing brings me back to me.” The Best Six-Word-Memoirs of the Week

From Hamlet’s famous opening line, to the answer of a simple knock-knock joke, it seems we are always asking or being asked: “Who’s there?” This week’s featured Six-Word Memoirs evoke a strong sense of identity and its importance.

Proudest: “Short. Black. Christian. Gay. Walking tall.” – Clay Rivers
Simplest Truth: “Writing brings me back to me.” – Stephanie Tor
Biggest Self-Exploration: “Sumo wrestling’s checked off bucket list.” – marymc
Most Sensible Decor: “All my rooms are panic rooms.” – hieronimo
Best/Breast Improvement: “New bra gives me super powers.” – lovelylizard
Most Figural Honesty: “Curvy women, stick figures. I’m in-between.” – lovin.the.sun, from SMITHteens

Plus: Don’t forget to spread the word about SMITH’s call for submissions of illustrated Six-Word-Memoirs by students of all ages, a new eBook with the TED conference’s new book division!


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