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“Always Say Yes to Homemade Brownies!” The Best Six-Word Memoirs of the Week

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How many childhood reflections remain with us throughout life? This week, our Sixers peered through a youthful prism. Some reminisced about school days (“Kindergarten: scaredy-cat. High school: Top dog.”) and others offered timeless advice (“Always say yes to homemade brownies!”). Sometimes it takes a brave, grown-up perspective to reveal our youthful inclinations (“Subconsciously still afraid of the dark.”). This week’s Sixes remind us that, often, the most enduring lessons are those learned early. —Caroline Goldstein

Best proverbial spin:Early bird catches the best worms.” –gfsilva04

Sweetest indulgence:Always say yes to homemade brownies!” –quiltpoet

Most time-honored advice:Listen to Mom, almost always right.” –MomGail

Best transformation: “Kindergarten: Scaredy-cat. High school: Top dog.

Most Freudian:Age 8: made my toys kiss.” –agold111

Most soul-baring: “Subconsciously still afraid of the dark.” –BecomingLuke


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