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Top What I Didn’t Learn in School

School teaches us a lot… but not everything. This month we asked you to share the lessons you had to learn outside the classroom. Some takeaways were practical (“You can burn macaroni and cheese.“- ColtonSallo), while others waxed philosophical ( “I’m worth more than a grade.“-TrashcanDiary). Some lessons could only be learned after graduation (“I can pee without a pass.” –DaveDigger) or after your first job (“You can’t copy at your job.”-Joanterra). Our teachers taught us everything we needed to know about Shakespeare and WWI, but ABeautifullyBurdenedLife knows that some lessons are better left to the rich and unplannable pageant that is life: “Life’s Greatest Teachers: Grief, Failure, Love.”   Here are a few more things the Six-Word community learned along the way.

6. “Those Flintstones vitamins won’t save you.” –J3nny

5. “Never learned how to love myself.” –MaryJane31

4. “Common sense isn’t on the syllabus.” – @CatherineLanser

3. “How to carefully flirt with danger.” –FavePeep

2. “To stand up to the boys.” –SF51Girl

And the winner is…

1. “The daydreams are the whole point.”-Lac

The best backstory goes to zsuzsu with the Six: “My future husband was there, too.

Congratulations to Lac and zsuzsu!

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