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Rad! The Top Six Favorite Fads


A fad may fizzle, but does it ever truly fade? For SixContest #85, we invited you to share Six Words on your favorite fads of all time. Your stories prove what once was old often becomes new again — often with a “retro chic” flare to its modern reincarnation (“Flannel, Converse, let’s rock the 80’s!” by Kymarie). From gadgets (“Smart watches tell the same time.” —@burb58 via Twitter) and crazes (“Naked troll dolls. Every hair color!” —elmc) to stranger things (“The Dancing Baby creeped me out.” —ADHDean), you had fun with these blasts from the past.

These Top Six are all the rage:

6. “Time Warp: Rocky Horror remake coming!” —jebcrg
5. “Walkman. Stopping to flip the cassette.” —JRE23
4. “Still miss my Members Only jacket.” —@KevinWohler (via Twitter)
3. “Pac-Man memories make my elbow hurt.” —RedStickWriter
2. “Pet Rock convinced me anything’s possible.” —LotLessMonster

And cheers to a fad that pairs trendy with timeless…

1. “Spent adolescence teasing bangs and boys.” —Neesha101

Congratulations to Neesha101, and thanks to all who participated! Whether in our SixContests, on FacebookInstagramTwitterTumblr or at—keep on Sixing!


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