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And the Winners of the Michael Jackson Six-Word Obit Contest Are…

We had quite a response to “The Jackson 6: Six-Word Obits for MJ,” receiving more than 450 submissions via email, Facebook, over at The Huffington Post, and above all in the comments section of my original post. We couldn’t pick just three, so we’ve decided upon these five across five themes which popped up a lot.

Best overall:
From ABC to PYT to RIP.
-Mary Elizabeth Williams

Most Zen:
The sound of one glove clapping.
– Stephen B.

Best referencing moonwalking:
Moonwalked in and out of reality.
– Virginette

Born black man, died white woman.
– Trish Jacobson

Best Elvis metaphor:
Another king has left the building.
– Pamela

Loveliest idea from a judge as we decided the winners, who is not, of course, eligible to win:
Never child, Never land, never more.
– David Boyer

Each winner will receive the Six-Word Memoir book of their choice. Thanks to everyone who contributed and stay tuned for another six-word challenge on an entirely new topic later this week.


  • Daniel
    July 6, 2009

    My friend Natalie came up with two great ones:

    “Life isn’t fair, but he was.”
    “Should have said no to drugs.”

  • Craguss
    November 1, 2009

    Tragic news about Jacko! Pity everybody is milking it for what they can get. New movie out this week, who will get the proceeds?

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