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“Death slept in. Love has risen.” Best Six-Word Memoirs Of The Week

Best Six(Apr 19-Apr 25)-01

The Six-Word Memoir community has grown into a united front, engaging with each other and constantly communicating. ADHDean exemplifies the bond this group shares. Each and every day, he posts a “Random word of the day,” which ignites discussion and sparks our members’ imagination. Here are the finest responses to this week’s random word requests (Ed. Note: the random words are in italics). These memoirs demonstrate the creativity and endearment within this tight-knit group, better known as Sixers. –Gilmarie Brioso

Best Outcome: “Death slept in. Love has risen.” –ADHDean

Best Camouflage: “Inner songbird cleverly disguised as harpy.” –accidentaltourist

Most Sorrow:Earth Mother I weep for you.” –AR1

Toughest Narrative Arc: “For Rent: Rheumy eye, obstructed view.” –RaisedByWolves

Most Visual:Lopping off limbs, one by one.” –catsmeow

Best Pun: “You say parity; I say parody.” –TigerROS

Plus! What would you say to Mother Nature? This week’s SixContest asks for your six-word messages to Mother Nature. Submit soon! The contest ends today (4/25) at 3:00PM ET.

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